Saturday, March 25, 2006

blue cockatoo...

it's late. i'm refreshing my knowledge of hemstitch.

listening: the new face of zero and one-- the new pornographers.

johnny-jump-ups are blooming at father's. the wild peony too. yay!

a long walk and a three way argument (friendly of course) about what it means to be a woodworker's woodworker etc. we could have kept on but my shoe was blistering me.

a sorche nic leodhas book of scottish songs. illustrated by evaline ness. so cute.

sister is a huge fan of things tuva and of paul pena. she brought home a pena album. we've been singing venutian lady.

there's a long island guy we see mornings. yesterday he told us he was raised up on a potato farm. weekends he'd go to the city. he called it the human zoo. today was my human zoo day. incredible.

watched hitchcock's birds. his intro commentary is so amusing. and the shot of the lovebirds swaying against the highway curves belies his sense of humor.



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