Sunday, March 05, 2006

strolling this hazy noon. pink-bellied doves on electric lines. the almond bosses. snowdrops. 13 pale shadows ranged over. somebody's opened cote meant white scintillation.

listening: the way you close your eyes-- kahimi karie (augmented with local chorus frog)

will put out pails for the rainwater. prefered cocktail of my darlingtonia and nepenthes.

thanks to a random photo have become acquainted with the beehive ginger. so gorgeous. also pinecone ginger. these i'll have to grow someday.

correspondence is a funny funny animal. especially this lightbox form. all day it looks forward to feeding on fresh crisp font.

s.b. on again about my playing the pye-anna. but my 88 is long out of tune. possibly impossible. much like my stamina. it's said aries are great at (fiery) beginning. the zodiac can only take so much credit for my skipping attention.

thankfully i know a number of skipping rhymes. hello operator please give me number 9...



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