Tuesday, January 31, 2006

upon seeing my peacoat a man asked if i was in the navy. it was a joke. and i thought to myself: i get jokes. but 'twas not funny. no. but i laughed to be kind. and then the man complimented my diction. he was very kind. it somehow made me feel slightly fraudulent.

i have two beautiful new chairs. new to me. dux. danish. mid cent mod. a nice matched pair. they're low to the ground which is especially appealing to me. wee gams. i think the wood is teak. dunno.

news of chinese new year arrives. there is a familial conflict concerning little red beans. i've not yet eaten those so can't weigh in on the debate.

reading hugo. there was a line about the soul being the only bird that sustains its cage. not a cremesicle situation? it depends i suppose.


oh. the kind man ended with an invite. a democratic jamboree. and i whinnied to say i am neither donkey nor elephant. i said i am mare. in my defense he provoked me.

i get jokes!


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