Saturday, January 07, 2006

my new broom...

we walked seven miles to dutchman's pond yesterday. from there you can see the new housing development. i wish i could shoot lasers from my eyes. there would be much lasering.

three egrets. two horses. one with the white nosing in small grass a la norstein's hedgehog in the fog. wetlands. you can't build those so well as you can drain them.

listening: lolitapop dollhouse-- kahimi karie.

on foothill near the church there's an abandoned avocado tree. the parking lot is covered in treads of guacamole. i decided to liberate a few of those poor fruits. and so i have. if only that sort of tree could survive on my side of the mountains. i can dream.

china lily is setting up its cups and saucers. in the dark by the post office scented before sighted.

i think spring is time to redd up shop. so that's what i'm about. redding up. and so.


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