Wednesday, December 21, 2005


two beautiful encouraging emails arrived in the last several days. both reminders that this slate is mine custodially (adverbs!). so. i'm back.

also in the realm of lettery things the paper kind arrived this evening. not so encouraging though. no. more a bureaucratic mess. requests to quantify the unquantifiable. ridiculous really. well as long as we are inventing rules i've a few. natch!

yesterday's sunset: amazing. quite so. very purple. very orange.

sister weakened in a wonderful way. she gave me one of my presents early! did i ask? not me. i'm perfectly mannered. but she was excited and had been hinting for days. hooray!

coming home this evening towering white sycamores. one especially defined from behind a grey-blue house. the orange crown resting right above roof line.


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