Sunday, November 13, 2005


listening: let's dance-- david bowie.

the source of the mystery stench has been uncovered. the port-a-john across the street at the construction site. very pungent. i briefly considered calling the real estate agency to give them a heads up. but i 'spose they'll perceive when they arrive to tour their perspectives. the lost dollars will be more convincing than i could be.

three huge white spidery chrysanthemums. nice. at the market each head is swaddled in poly net. when the net is split the petals unfurl. very dramatic.

if you say run/ i'll run with you...

today i learned a valuable lesson concerning debate. when the subject is cruelty to felines sometimes there can be no discussion. but my voice can rise angrily. i can utter swear words. i can think less of a person. i can besmirch a christian holy day.

also i can listen to bowie on repeat. drink a hot coffee. think about may. i'm buying my ticket this month. i'm not sure one continent different will make such a change. i'd like to think it will. suddenly set down in a city that makes me mute and illiterate. how can the necessary upset be avoided then? postponed? it can't.

yesterday i visited the mc mullen homestead and helped my da pick the olives. he gathered the high branches because of his vertical superiority. i picked the low branches. he lent me a book. altogether pleasant visit.

had a dream about architects and ravens. giant ravens. giant aztec ravens. a curse that i may or may not have escaped. it's hard to tell in that state. or were they crows?

ah! the musical switch. a little bit o' dandy warhols. country leaver.

good afternoon.


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