Tuesday, October 18, 2005


before the rain began on this side of the grade i saw a fox. a fox! i haven't seen one in a while. it made me really happy. i was passenger not driver. afforded me the glimpse. right near the home exit and behind some toyon and arroyo willow and low oaks the firebreak road winds. it was there. little loping way and a tipped tail (which was the black my eye went to first). pointed face. they're a beautiful lot.

went to visit the sister and s.b. at the ol' s.b. family manor. so very glad to see those faces. before the anaheim excursion the sister made fun of my farewell hug. you call that a hug?! and now i can't deliver a proper one because of her broken bits. i won't be making the same mistake in the future. all hugs henceforth will be made to count.

the rain has drawn out what rain draws out. chorus frogs pale on el camino real. and on s.b.'s stoop an amber potato beetle. earwigs crowding the door jamb. and under the willow tree there's a particularly good smell. after closing the car door behind me i could have stood in the dark for that. for quite a long time too.

latin is not the same as italian. requiem is not the same as lord lover. i'm a big dumb poopy head. but if that's the worst sort of confusion i'll experience then i'm a lucky so-and-so. at least i have argentina.

i nearly completed a father sock! knitted like a mad person this afternoon. i'm so slow. if i'd looked up from my work an instant sooner a hello would have been had. sigh.

the black kitten/cat of the feral matre has secured a place. it follows me. it's spoiled and arrogant like most cats. however i've taken to it. to escape rain it leapt onto me when i opened the front door. it is he. but until then had no name. christened him kjetil. his face is velvety. his paws dampened either side of my neck. cold! and he seemed surprised when i turned him out the back door. kjetil was not meant for housecattery. not until he's mastered the doormat leastways.

and of mastery. i've finally gotten the hang of whistling with two fingers. my gran had tried and tried to teach me when i was younger. no go. but i discovered my own technique. et voila! i am loud suddenly.

grateful grateful sleep of peace. adored youngsters in their bed. and a good idea for me too. g'night.


Blogger Allolex said...

So you're saying you went to disneyland? ;)

4:36 AM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

please, damon, we don't use that word here. ;)

actually the sister and her boyfriend were going to dismaland. i'm not really a fan of that place. once was quite enough. they got in a pretty nasty car crash on the way there. but they're alive and in relatively good health. so i'm thankful.

i'm sorry i missed you btw. i was really looking forward to hanging out. next time.

10:14 PM  

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