Sunday, October 16, 2005

hits and misses...

received a call that was almost s.b. but not quite. the voice of zero modulation. the berm moulded lean and straight against canal swell. but an edge of betraying quaver to the halts. there was an accident and sister was hurt and there were separate ambulances and confusion galore. and no we don't know what hospital. and no we aren't sure of the injuries. and then hours of silence because we didn't know where or how. and then finally with the help of modern technology and a highway patrol dispatch sister was found. but her spleen was injured. her ribs broken. her wrist broken. and i wanted to crawl out of my skin because of the 2oo miles or so between us. and poor s.b. his new voice is part and parcel to his new look. he'll have a sexy marlon brando nose for the remainder of his adult years. or so i imagine. i haven't seen it yet. but tonight a call comes and my heart is more pacific. the spleen is well. the ribs will heal. the wrist has been set. the nose will mend. they'll travel back with the other family tomorrow. s.b.'s parents and sister.

and i opened an e-mail window and more bad news. the temporary muscovite mugged. and didn't escape injury. only now threading my organs back into proper alignment.

the heart's getting time off the bench. it's pounding the court etc. one day from tender/giddy and the next from terror/vex. i would like to rewind the year and replay with some favorable splices. maybe something good and grand is in the program for the next few months. i'd best wait on the creative edits.

too enhance the strange: i was trying on black party dresses while sister's bones were being set. i thought she was wearing mouse ears and riding a teacup at the time. and i was thinking how i rarely wear these black dresses. certainly a party must be given. or maybe i'll make myself a witch for halloween. it is the sister's favorite calendar day.

have i mentioned i adore her? and s.b.? to no telling and back.

my dinner is cooking. and my eyes are getting wonky from this fizzle-lighted screen. i go.


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