Thursday, October 13, 2005


my eyes want to shut. maybe this is a good sign. i am most alert at night. but it is nice to have a regular diurnal mammal cycle now and again.

there's a scar on my arm from the dog bite at age seven. today as we walked home a dog came tearing out of the alley in front of us. mouth open and snarling. my breath caught. i gasped and froze. it was the spit of that other dog. the long dead dog. a ghost. and then a bicycle followed and a living man in the saddle. he hollered the dog down and continued away. i looked at the sister and before i could finish my sentence she said it for me. and we laughed with relief. no ghosts for today.

there are real dogs and better. lola is looking over her shoulder at me. now she's pointing at the door. subtle creature.

somebody's expression was stamped into me today. that kind of essential look we all have. like a gait. after the uniqueness is discerned and recorded from this place of fondness it's possible to recognize a person at a distance. a head tilt or shadow that marks one as a friend.

the house is cold. a cat outside has draped himself along the threshold. the marmalade coat. the fictive familial addition. a neighbor moves and we increase by his leave. if you name a stray it suddenly becomes yours. but we've named him anyway. after the crazed bee-keeper monk of brothers k.

mare became a nickname for the sake of celerity. and yet. what is quicker than a tendency to spook? as the hillbilly in me would say you're being a calf's tail. in other words the shy does not always serve you well. it's not a coat for every occasion. reinstate the y. the internal canter will keep wrapped in its saddleblanket. but the buck will have its tie-down too. you can approach for apples and nuzzle.

how is it we are fortunate enough to have a world class performer to ourselves? we're a portion of lucky coast.

s.b. has two new students. he had a case of nerves about their first lesson. but all went well.

alright. this is serious. eyelids flutter. to bed.


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