Saturday, October 08, 2005


last night it was chicken-legged punk rockers in the dark. tonight it was someone resembling the alm-uncle. a cousin of my father's that i'd met once when i was too young to recall. i instantly adored him and his wife. i wish i'd grown up knowing them. such kind and gentle and witty people. people with a love for teasing. and it took someone's death to gather us into the same room. shameful circumstances.

this morning i was drilled in toddler lingo. a repeated request i couldn't quite grasp. and then my nephew used my pants' leg as a handkerchief (mystery solved!). i don't need to tell you it's a privilege i extend to few.

after dinner dessert was offered. at first i declined. but the alm-uncle cousin elbowed me and pointed at the cheesecake. damn it! what else goes so well with very black coffee? and when i shared a slice with the sister he sat smirking at us. eyes twinkling. himself with a bowl of something cherry-glazed. a trouble maker.

wow. it reads like betty crocker. so blissfully domestic. but it's exceptional familial not common familial which is why i'm noting it i guess.

snarf. snarf. i'm tired.

to bed.


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