Friday, September 30, 2005


paragliders over west cuesta ridge. bright orange. and the sky very blue. that was nice. something about it makes me want to. but then i might be as satisified in a balloon. i definitely want to do that. i like airships.

birds! and tradesmen. and musicians. and hunters. all made of feathers. and these via wood_s_lot.

strange. a recent dream had flames made of orange feathers. moved exactly like fire. made light. but they were definitely bird in origin. bird combustion? it will illuminate whole cities.

and also...

little letters from moscow you improved my day and it was already a very good one. when the weather gets colder i'll send something scarf-like. meantime have some black bread and caraway vodka for me. heeee.

also also...

i will concoct a friendly one word attack. something like hello. or g'morning.

and finally...

i'm sleepy. and it isn't even late. g'night.


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