Tuesday, October 04, 2005

we'll return in two and two...

enjoying my headphones when i was hit by a gigantic dust devil. it was huge! and really beautiful. except for the bits which remained in my eyes. those were not so beautiful.

this evening's debate (it's a doozy) was all about chuck woolery. we agreed upon his signature hand motion. where the dispute cropped up was show of origin. newly weds vs dating game. neither! love connection of course. it's a train wreck. and the cabins are still piling. re:reality dating shows.

also i was chided for not rolling my rr in the word burrito. correction-- not rolling it enough. we weren't speaking anything resembling spanish. so. i was stumped.

technology is great. but when i start mistaking very small flashlights for something godiva and cocoa-y then i'm in trouble. what is the purpose of a torch that small? i'm confounded.

well. g'night.


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