Thursday, October 06, 2005


my budget didn't allow for the surprise $6 bundles of tuberose. i had planned on the usual $1 per stem. i had planned on buying an odd number 3. odd is better for arrangements. more auspicious or something. but nobody was selling the usual single stems. and i wanted a cup of mexican chocolate. so i let the wonderful waxy tuberose alone. and the chocolate was so very good and spicy and hot. the air very cool.

i received the best news. there was a miserable weight. the weight is gone. dankeschön.

s.b. lent me a copy of a recording of some seriously somber music. and i burned a copy. it's a nice one. but somewhere in the background behind the kyrie and the wrath is a sound like a cartoon seal slapping its flippers rhythmically. an imperfection in the mother disc. s'okay. the flippering is short lived. and i can always purchase a copy sans seal at another time.

the handsome record store clerk was seen with two bundles of tuberose. i suggested to the sister that i trip him and run away with one of his bundles. and she seconded the idea saying "he'll topple like a redwood." but that would have just been mean.

ah well.


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