Tuesday, October 11, 2005


at frenchman's flat in nevada my father witnessed four atomic tests. he visited this evening and he told me about them. he was in the service. the signal corps. but at one point during his time with the army he spent a week watching white blasts with dark goggles. there were revetments. on a 3 count after the blasts they were allowed to peer over the edge. he said everything was white and when he held his hands in front of his eyes every bone was visible. like an x-ray. this was at a distance of five miles. he said from that point on he couldn't imagine anyone ever wishing to unleash that power on another human being. he said anbody who had witnessed such and still wished to harm others with that technology had to be insane. unfortunately many people witnessed those blasts and felt quite differently. the greatest thing since sliced bread you know. and bumper stickers to prove it. people paid to sit in the desert and watch with opera glasses and binoculars. granted for them it was an extended distance. i suppose that's a factor not to be overlooked. what distance does and means.

the words tossed about by spectators related to killing communists. but we didn't know so much about the results of radiation. the finding out advanced by primitive means. at ground level the residual was strong. ascending it was less. but how less was a question. so pilots swallowed strips of x-ray film wrapped in little cello bags and tied with a string that dangled from the mouth. after flying through the mushroom the string was reeled up like a well draw. the film examined. thus the levels were crudely obtained.

it was later revealed to what extent the residues remained. after cancer raised its ugly head. we're a cancerous folk with our leftovers.

thanks for the cheery convo papa!

in other news...

the sunday visit was postponed until this afternoon. two visits in one day! it must be some sort of record. my dear dear friend and her two wee ones. the elder wee looked out the window and said mary i love you! heart melted. and the younger wee has the most contagious laughter. i've missed having a girl friend. primarily my friends are male. that has been the trend for the greater portion of my life. nearly the same with my friend k. we discussed this. the reasons are still mysterious.

i must rid myself of a large quantity of tomatoes. there are so many on our vines. one can only eat tomatoes for so long.

this evening's undertaking revolves around three: concerto sonata and symphony. distinguishing. i'll put on my thinking cap.

hmm. if the strains of radio are indication we've put our foot in a heap of leftovers. yes. a shit heap of residue. but led by the guy in waders and no sense of smell. father-- let's talk about horticulture next round. alright?

gah! give me the cleansing sound of pop music. better.


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