Sunday, October 09, 2005


as i type aha issues from only one speaker. there's a short in the connection. so annoying. anyhow. i'm sort of a closet aha fan. sort of because i've only listened to 2 or 3 of their songs and only enjoy take on me. that's what i'm listening to at present. after i'd first heard sondre lerche's music i found an interview with him. he mentioned he was a big aha fan. this along with his sweet pop songs cemented my liking.

have felt the need to put my fingers in the tentacles of a sea anemone. they stick because they're stinging you. trying to stun you and eat you. but the skin is too thick. it's ridiculous that i live within short driving distance of these little critters yet i rarely visit a tidepool. must remedy that.

there's a dead cat in the street margin. a group of girls put acacia fronds over it. poke at it with the toes of their shoes. it was a feral cat. i doubt it ever received so much attention before. but as the fox would say such affection requires a taming first.

i can't remember my blogroll password. oh crumb!


i go.


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