Monday, October 10, 2005

more morten...

the norwegian music flows on. this afternoon it was morten abel. but all interspersed with this one aha song. i'm irritating me now. but i'm a sucker for that impressive vocal range. and norwegian mortens.

this morning i had to drink adulterated green tea. lemon flavored. i do not approve. but the options were few. i'll remember to bring my own sencha next time.

also this morning my head got spun. what happens when someone sneaks up behind us. and i turn and suddenly see stars. some people make this happen to me even when i'm internally trying to rein the equine tendencies in there. the urge to bolt from nerves or glee. logically what is called for is a small handshake. but the horse factor leaps simple gestures. in place of platonic displays it pumps all valves like a race to the death. the heart becomes a lozenge up by my tonsils. isn't that silly? and yet if it happened again some morning i would be well pleased.

someone entombed the cat. i suspect little girls. atop the mound were skeletal fronds. i wonder what the service was like.

why is it so warm! it is october, yeah? innit?

a gentle giant gave me an enveloping hug! oh. it made my legs melt in an everybody-get-toegther-and-love-one-another-right-now sort of way. the hugs flew! s.b. and the sister also grabbed by the giant. and then he said take it sleazy and departed. how strange.

i'm searching for something to read. which shouldn't happen. there's enough that i shouldn't need to search. but my mind keeps blanking. ah well. somewhere i keep a list of what comes next. but i can't find that either. snarf.

listening: indian volvo-- morten abel.

oh. within the span of three days we've been mistaken for twins twice. so nice. there's a tell though: i've got the little mole and brown eyes. sister is sans mole and hazel eyes. but in passing those go unnoticed i suppose.

later alligators.


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