Tuesday, October 18, 2005

how nice to find those electric letters waiting for me. someone cared enough to send warm wishes. that means something to me. significant. especially after a carom almost pockets the eight ball. events that make one feel small. so standing by a fragrant giant in a basin of fragrant giants makes for a pleasant contrast. even if vicariously. thank you she says.

i made away with a single pomegranate from the s.b. family manse. ssshhhh. nobody will ever know. they've got an entire grenadine works in the works. or could have if we imagine. at the very least they've the hedges for it.

listening: le ciel dans une chambre-- carla bruni. i know. i should try branching out now and again. i do listen to other songs. i promise.

tomorrow bright and early. and because of it. g'night.


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