Friday, October 21, 2005


best part of the day's routine unvisited. i'd like to say the time was spent in frivolous fashion. but it wasn't really. i used to abhor a schedule. now i'm sometimes sad that the weekend is so long. especially noticeable when the schedule is interrupted. i wonder what was missed.

yesterday before the market the booksale. always i look in the children's section for that special couple of devlin books i had when i was small. lovely illustrations. so far i've not found any devlins at all. but i did find a jean de brunhoff. babar and zephir. i'd never read that one. so cute! who can resist a monkey?

the kaffir may be on its way out. i was inattentive for several hot days in a row. zut! not looking so good. but i'm hoping for the best. i love that damn tree. and its tasty leaves. fingers crossed.

literature? i should have inquired which. who? what? i only know maironis. i think that means i'm very ignorant. but ignorance is curable. innit? one only has to ask.

left the tuberose in the darkest room. moved them into the brightest one this afternoon. now back again. the house is not big but still they're astonishing powerful. so good. from one end to the other intense. even with the dividing doors shut. nice.

it will be strolling time soon. lola does the antsy dance.



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