Thursday, October 20, 2005


tuberose had. i was in a rush and so didn't acquire the nicest bundle. but they're still pretty fantastic. as i walked away from the street market nearly every person i passed in the dark turned to discern the origin of the good smell. those flowers! was uttered more than once. i drank mexican chocolate. out the window the courthouse and the clock chimes.

the sparing guy and i had a conversation about parrots. he sang me a song about a girl with flowers. he asked my name three times in the course of five minutes. and introduced himself as many. even though i noted aloud on the first exchange that our names rhymed. mnemonic polite as i'm terrible with names. faces retain though.

disappointed not to see a familiar person. but it's such a writhing wall of people in spots. to distinguish familiar in the dark would be uncommon good and difficult.

to let me pass two separate people in separate places bowed. how strange. it felt so courtly. to what do i owe? it's my regal brow. it must be. rrrm ahem. i kid you.

listening to chopin.

tomorrow up with the sun. to bed. g'night.


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