Tuesday, October 25, 2005


collage-y. to keep y'all occupied. before the cold weather really sets in i must tend the squirrels. and so. enjoy some of what i've enjoyed. la.

kcrw is fine like wine. i especially like receiving the music newsletters of one eric j lawrence music librarian extraordinaire.

norstein gets some space here of course. i always enjoy him. and here and here are some older articles about the golden snail. apparently he worked with some japanese animators to create this film based on a poem cycle by basho et al. pretty nifty. it's news to me. and i really really really want to see it. yes. here is the official site. can you find the photo of the silly glasses? and here's one more article for fun.

i always find something interesting here. poetry in translation.

do yourself a favor and visit francoiz. she's talented and beautiful. she not only sings she illustrates! fancy that! i am particularly fond of the clips for si tu disais (of course).

quentin blake. that's commander quentin to the likes of you. if you didn't like him when you were small give him a try now.

he's an animal unknown to science. but his crocodile friend has a lovely singing voice. and plays the accordion! hell yes! listen. cheb and gena songs! use the links to the left. specifically the one that says music. you don't even have to read cyrillic.

one can never have enough dinosaur friends. or tiny unsuspecting germans.

i like's cake shop photos fill me with mirth. i mean it!

read this. via the always wonderful mark. something to think on.

if you need a shirt to cover your nakedness may i suggest one of these.

malcolm has discovered the clove. good on him. and intoxicating tongue numbness too.

ernesto has fantastic taste in vinyl. and he's finally added comments. whoot!

the owls have returned. their return is sweet. and complete with vikings?

well. i daresay that should keep you busy for a while. adios.


Blogger Ernesto said...

Thanks a lot for the shout-out!

9:45 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

you're most welcome!

5:50 PM  

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