Saturday, October 22, 2005

blue shade...

tow-haired nephew is so generous. insisited i share in his little repast of banana and grape. in fact the insistence included eating from his quite grimy paw. i must love him. nobody else would have gotten away with that. but i will be faking full next time.

listening: la valse boite-- francoiz breut et dominique a.

he's inspired the creation of a red-orange octopus. maybe felt. maybe that thing with the duelling needles. what a trip to the aquarium yields. he's also quite taken with choo-choos. and caterpillars. and as cliche as it is puppy dog's tails. really most everything is cause for a jaw drop and saucer eyes. two years old is an exhausting season.

the assumptions i make about people based on their shoes. today the supermarket was filled with wholesome and unsatisfied people. iceberg lettuce and bran-ish bread and weak-sided tan leather slip-ons. i wonder what the cons say about me. and the vodka pasta sauce and the 100 percent/unsweetened fruit juice.

now playing: our way to fall-- yo la tengo.

going to make split pea soup. how can you hate it?! said to nobody at all. but some people do hate it. baffling. so-cal has famous legumous dish restaurant. so la!

after seeing the picture of the blue shelf i feel calm. blue is calm and a color i'm not enough acquainted with. something is going to get a coat of blue paint. what blue? well. i'm just that vague.

not policing the spelling. have mercy.

it's time. must to go. good evening.


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