Monday, October 24, 2005

weird science...

couldn't get warm today. my whole body like ice. waiting for the transfer on the way home the wind picked up. i had debated this morning about the correct sweater. but the weather. there's never any telling really. just now the heat is finally creeping back into my blood. good good.

recent dream of the red-haired girl toddler. two grey falcons on the grass behind her. something was off. brain off. and her hands did all of the speaking. she was a body of kindness. the falcons walked much of the way. then decided to fly.

today was a new measure of strange. and that without dreaming. i wonder sometimes about casting these words. what submerged thing or sea breaching thing they snag upon. suddenly in the midst of unrelated a question is fielded. i'm outfield and surprised. but yo la tengo. there with my mitt. i'm still unsure how the material of that question became a ball. and how it came into play. i'm scratching my head. (edit: mystery solved. that s.b. put it into play. well.)

tututututut. a little disappointing. as with pigeons so with people. the pretty ones are banded. and poaching while it makes the plate makes little else in the line of satisfaction. one taste of that dish is quite enough for me. thanks very much. it's afterall mostly a bloodsport. and i don't wish anybird harm. but don't i wish that those bands were painted more distinctly. it should be a law.

this morning the gentle giant appeared! right across from me at another table. i removed my headphones and he let down his read. friendly conversation ensued. how nice! but being early a chain of yawns. he has a tremendous yawn. but what would we expect? if i was a boy i would cultivate just such a yawn.

changed my phone number just now. the voice mail has someone else's messages. five of them. i saved one of them because it was too too strange. laughter of the vincent price variety and various odd muffled sounds beyond it. and then interspersed with the other person's messages one from a friend of mine. what?!

i could leave off with signing it all intials. i've even considered it. but. même chose. the name is still mine no? still in contagious circulation.

maybe at midnight i'll turn into a pumpkin.

the game of operation. don't touch the sides! it requires a most steady hand. thankfully i know one good doctor. if he removes the wishbone painlessly i'll give him three wishes. he's the only surgeon for this because he's not really one at all. and reluctant. probably faints at the sight of blood. in fact yes. yes he does. taktaktaktak.

my head throbs. i'll drink some coffee and dive into the written word. balm.

listening: bull in the heather-- sonic youth.

also edit: this is the real blogday because it's the 365 post. i considered disappearing here and beginning again elsewhere. i may still. i'll keep you posted. ahem.


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