Wednesday, November 09, 2005

again again...

fanfuckingtastic moon now. the agate hazy bull eye. clouds are departing. breath is visible.

squirrels in their cold sequester. winter suspense. playing cards in the barracks. they still require my attention. but less these months.

that face. would you like a shawl collar and house slippers to go with your cut cavendish? i'm not making fun really. but i am laughing at you a bit. surrounded by beautiful russian women. happy belated. hugs and kisses.

the luverly dark and crisp of new jeans. oh. it's the little things.

s.b. had a moment of reward for teaching. i'm pleased for him. every thought of it makes me grin.

today my exit was sooner rather than later. fingers twined that satie was not subject. hate to miss such.

when i was a youngster i learned a song. thig tri nithean gun iarraidh. three come unasked. why are those island songs so damned depressing. and so very spot on. an t-eagal an t-eudach 's an gaol.... first phonetically and every fifth word familiar. then a better understanding but by no means fluent. fluency precedes death maybe. give me a few more decades to flub. please.

should i put on the black glinting shoes and attend? two minds over that. i haven't been to a recital in a while. i'm some sort of steel girder according to the performer. quite complimentary actually. and he passed on advice too. form of a question: who do you play for? alright. i say uncle.

my blog muscle has atrophied. there won't be any marathon tonight. so sorry.



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