Sunday, December 04, 2005


squeezed unexpectedly by the handsome jazz man. snuck up behind me. nice.

s.b. explained the loss of sister's spleen to an uninformed person. he said it's the luxury organ. and i laughed. and another friend said that it's the mortgage organ. along with one kidney. silly.

cudgels of fruitcake have returned. the bus driver was very intent on finishing his even at the expense of road safety. i almost wet my pants. no. not really. but i was afraid. fruitcake. it's not that good!

my gracious but it's cold. brr.

twice in as many days i've passed by the unfamiliar mirror and spooked myself. that person looks just like me! who is this intruder?! then quick trailing recognition and a slightly stupid feeling. like calling my own number and getting the machine. that too too rising hello i'd mistake for some courteous practitioner of b and e nice enough to take down a message for me. who was in fact me. me! which is why i let the robot man that lives inside that gadget answer now in my place.

listening: you shook me all night long-- acdc.


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