Wednesday, November 23, 2005


sister will soon have a sexy new scar. that is the plus. the minus being she will have to take a regular course of antiobiotic for the rest of her life. not a religious one but still i'm praying it's a lengthy remainder. the spleen is no more. it ruptured completely sunday morning. required emergency surgery. much internal bleeding. in my early to mid-twenties i had plenty of steel for such an instance. but certain circumstances have weakened my reinforcements. so when i was needed it was all i could do to keep from fainting. she was so pale. today her color is better. however thanksgiving will have to be postponed.

s.b. and i walked to the library yesterday to lessen the nerves. we even took out movies. visually i enjoyed very much lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events. beautiful that. also funny. for the most. overall i did care for it. the credits were especially well executed i felt.

my friend has taken up fencing. the sort that goes mask/foil. not that purloining kind. he says he can fare alright sparring ten year olds. which i imagine might come in very handy sometime. note the friendly sarcasm in her voice.

but really i'm jealous.


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