Wednesday, November 16, 2005

accordiana and then some...

kjetil will try now for the door at back. he's wised. he's also still very much tomcat. those are not fixtures for a happy house. the habit of pissing for friendly ends. or possessive ends. but soon he'll have a doctor visit. then i'll consider letting him in on a cold night. he has a fur coat! i've not even got that.

love the squeezebox. truly do. as for button pushing though i am not myself an accordion. if that is the drive the natural sound will be less like music. assuredly. what an imp. god damn imp.

sae dowie and wae. i find it a beautiful phrase. not for the dour power. more for the euphony.

sister gifted me with several new books. new to me. one entomology of 1960's era. excellent plates therein. one botanical reference of 1940's era. so. very. bitchin'. one of common cage birds which was originally printed in danish(?) in the 1940's or so. and a strange orthographical pocket-sized text in polish. that last to feed my love of books as i only really recognize two polish words: tak and nie. those are sufficient for now. mostly i like the lines of those letters. typographical adoration.

finally i've seen a picture of the green avadavat. it certainly is green.

a cricket just appeared. not the one with the bad gam from a few days back. this one has a severe staring problem. sup? timmy in the well?


good evening.


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