Tuesday, January 03, 2006

so so so...

happy 2006. if you are following that calendar. happy year of your choice otherwise.

listening: loro-- pinback.

enjoying a little inferior quality green tea. yes. i said enjoying. it isn't about the tea right now. a warm vessel in a cold night is always nice.

a long conversation tonight. why talk about strolling when we can get on our feet. why indeed. controlled falling.

remember the brother's jade saving his life. it turned yellow and cracked. beautiful and functional.

i've entered to win a chair. how do you like that. eames chair. wouldn't that be! lovely yes.

come saturday morning the gooseflesh will come out overwhelming. unrecognizable. i'm terrible at instructing. but i've been told that practice makes perfect. so.

ineluctable so.

listening: brittle women-- glass candy and the shattered theatre.

the rain has subsided. the greening has begun! my favorite part is the lichen. and the alley's newly remedied piss smell. i mean absence of smell.

end of cuppa. and now to read the dregs.


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