Thursday, December 29, 2005


yesterday i watched pom poko for the first time. animal transfirguration will never be viewed in the same light. gives alternative meaning to things such as felix and his magic sack. interesting.

jonquils are strong even at a remarkable distance. some are just appearing along the bus route. one particularly rural stop has a tree stump for seating. across from which pheasant eyes are cropping. very fragrant.

for christmas there were austrian fortune telling cards. actually gypsy. but the term given (zigeuner) i've been told is derogatory. cards themselves i've been enjoying very much. each one has the appropriate name in german french english croation and hungarian. good practice for two of those. but i don't think i'll be picking up the latter languages any time soon. also for christmas more norstein. hoorah! and clementines. and dark chocolate. and grapefruits. and morningstar japanese pine and sandalwood. very aromatic haul.

sister read parnassus on wheels aloud to me. i love christopher morley's haunted bookshop (from which this humble spot stole a name) but i'd yet to read parnassus. i'm so backward.

listened to a forgotten richman album last night. consequently gonna call up someone intelligent maybe albert camus /and say i got some hot hot jokes i wanna try on vous stuck in my head. why is that guy so ridiculous and so charming?

the transcendental mysteries of bread. of which there are many. hopefully i never amass a farm wife's anthology. though i do relish my own baked loaf.

manhattan is the pocketbook of new york and brooklyn the heart. or something like that. from the third rib. i'll have to ask sister to read that bit over again.



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