Sunday, January 29, 2006

this afternoon we had a visit from the baroness b---. for real. a baroness. a hungarian one. but she is the least baroness-ish person i can imagine. and she's loved by us. anyway probably most hungarian folk are barons and -esses. i'm talking crap.

the thousand years old cat is missing. if she were only slightly ancient there'd be little mystery in it. but seeing as she's extremely ancient the mystery is exponentially greater. under the impression she'd achieved immortality.

no one will play chess with me. first impressions are funny-- it's not my prowess related there. it's simply that nobody wants to play. and i'm so easy to beat! c'mon! anybody would look masterful relative to. but no. reduced to playing this machine.

very soon we will go for sushi. and i will insist that the last caterpillar roll be mine. we speak in excited voices.

also this afternoon the nurserywoman's aviary was filled with orange birds and white birds and yellow birds. mostly orange and white. cremesicle birds. canaries? they made some very nice sounds. for a minute i pondered having cremesicle birds. but then they just seemed so f*cking frantic and bored. like they were cats-cradling some invisible string. back and to and back and to. unspeakably frail little legs. and one wearing a toupee of grey feathers with a startled dinosaur look in his eye. it was a long minute. and i resumed my stance: birds are not meant for cages. it's an unreasonable luxury. probably most luxury so....

i dreamed about navajoland right before waking. tuba city. an outpost in the hot sand. and i forgot to wear shoes.


she has what they call a rock on her finger. a year hence i'll attend a baroness's wedding. the shoes. the shoes. the understory of a successful outfit.


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