Friday, February 03, 2006

the last several days my pocket's been full of king's clover. smells so good. in the morning it goes in. in the evening it comes out. pocket mulch. i've converted the sister too.

listening: the chokin' kind-- joss stone

a used copy of ulysses came away with me. i've never read that. exciting.

cocoa nibs are so fantastically delicious. there was nearly an olympian scene to determine the divvy. thankfully all ended peacefully. how diplomatic we can be.

suddenly next to the record store there's an urban outfitters. involuntarily i emitted distress sounds. where? when? how? i said one day nothing and then this. sister said it's like a tumor. you don't realize it's there until you wake up one morning and can't move your neck. months ago i heard college girls expressing excitement over the impending downtown abercrombie goiter. i'm soooo happy. we totally need an abercrombie. until that moment i was blissfully unaware of the necessity. potable water. breathable air. how in the world did i get on so well with only these? d.t. is now bountifully stocked with sweatshop wares. thank the gods.

maybe instead? or perhaps?

today we saw a man remove an entire rack of the free paper. that's because some locals were upset about a recent article therein. i won't elaborate. suffice it to say i find these preventitive measures more than a little frightening.



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