Saturday, February 04, 2006


how appropriate. making valentines and stopped to look at the site counter. someone stumbled upon this site looking for an i love you. a croatian i love you. i just happen to have been given a list of i love yous. so. here you go:

croatian: volim te
italian: ti amo
alsatian: ich hoan dich gear
welsh: rwy'n dy garu di
french: je t'aime
polish: kocham ciebie
danish: jeg elsker dig
german: ich liebe dich


now listening: i'll keep it with mine-- nico

the aeonium will be repotted tomorrow. it's such a bizarre creature. i wonder what it looks like in its native habitat. an aeonium field must look like a dream.

i'm reproducing a soft toy i had when wee. a dachshund. the color scheme will be much amended though. my tastes have changed.

congratulations to anne of i like on the birth of her son! hooray! go and visit her site. she's added some links to things ye-ye.

it's going to rain. and i'm going to read.

listening: a case of you-- phoebe snow



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