Monday, August 09, 2004


i think i have a new boyfriend. he's all of ten years old. he comes to my work and flirts with me. one day he brought some kind of electronic gadget, a glorified alarm clock, and danced to the song it played. when he comes to see me he is a big tipper. he always says, "keep the change." this is heartbreakingly cute. i want to tell him to take his change. 35 cents is quite a lot to a ten year old. but i'm afraid i'll bruise him if i refuse. his movements are very reminiscent of a little old man. in fact, were i to live long enough to see him transform, to grow into the geriatric equivalent, i think he would be quite unchanged in a number of ways. the way he reclines on the counter to shoot the shit is so very old mannish. he has picked up those silly adult expressions for passing the time. "slow today, huh?" and the like. but he can boogie. not so many old men can say that. tonight when he came he said, "i'm sorry, but what was your name?" while he stood with his pudgy little hand on his jaw. thoughtful. and after i told him he said, "oh, yes. that's right." when he walks he puts his head back but tilts his chin down like he's regarding something very important. his round belly precedes him. his arms swing vigorously and he mutters to himself. he has bulldog cheeks and a buzz cut--- blonde. he does make me grin. i think that is an excellent quality in a person-- the ability to make other people (in this case me) grin. yup.


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