Saturday, November 06, 2004


i'm knitting socks. it's a new experience. it's also becoming an addiction. there are worse things....

most of my family voted for bush. i continue to think my family is comprised of good and loveable people. i also continue to think that bush is a husk of a human being. i don't dislike republicans, but i dislike most republican policy. then again, the democratic party doesn't necessarily thrill me either. bah.

i'm going to stay away from the above subject for a while. there will be flare ups. i can't help it. but for now...

how's about i spin a tale? okeeee. here:

last night on the news there was a report of a human foot found on the beach near gaviota. the man (coroner?) being interviewed was a little too glib for my perfect peace of mind. a little too comedically inclined. not another one. you owe me a fiver, gary. oh, so he didn't say anything like that. but he was chuckling while talking about the foot on the slab next to him. i bet the guy who lost that was not amused.


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