Friday, November 12, 2004

what a ham...

i made dinner tonight. that's not unusual. i generally am saddled with the cooking hereabouts. most meals are vegetarian because s.b. is vegetarian. sometimes i crave meat, though. tonight was one of those nights. as i sat eating my dinner (which contained a paltry amount of ham), the sister called attention to the fact that i was eating something animal (and of cloven hoof! yikes!).

s.b.: murderer.
me: mmmmm.
sister: don't worry-- after they killed it, they cured it.

i almost shot ham across the room. why, oh why, am i so prone to laugh at bad jokes? it's ridiculous. incidentally, i don't eat meat often because of the guilt associated. farm animals go a shitty way, but you'd never guess it through the cling film. very clean, that.


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