Tuesday, November 09, 2004

making prints...

woke up this morning with my neck in a painfully convoluted posture. what was i dreaming of that provoked me to twist me neck up so? dunno. but all day i have had the most terrible neckache and headache. i don't get headaches very often. when i do get them, they put me in quite a funk.

visited with the pa today. he had the grand idea of making christmas cards. wah-huh? yes. christmas cards. i'm not sure what has put him in such a temper. anyway, we went looking for linoleum block to print with. found the block but the artery (yes, that's really the name of the art supplies store) was out of printing ink. well, they were out of black ink. yellow is wonderful, but i'm not so keen on a yellow yuletide. if i had the mind to, i could make a very handsome set of jaundiced baby jesus cards. i'm not of that mind.

it. is. cold. today i curse forced air heating. unless i stand directly below the vent, i don't feel very warm at all. grr.

still knitting socks.

it is quite possible to miss invisible people. i had my doubts about that ability. not not hit. not that miss. long. that miss.


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