Sunday, April 10, 2005

a is for...

some staghorns mounted to rafts today. they'd just been languishing indoors for quite a while now. too dry in here. also started some aristolochia elegans seeds. cathedral vine seeds. black-eyed susan vine (thunbergia alata) seeds. hmm. i like vines i guess.

i posted a post on my birthday but blogger ate it. grrr. to sum up: my birthday was good. warm hellos and well-wishing from friends and family. electronic and direct. i kept thinking of crocodile gena's birthday song about the magician and the blue helicopter. it's a nice song. and i am pretty fond of the accordion. indeed.

found a strange red t-shirt on a rack for ten cents. ten cents! what?! and the front has a lowercase letter a printed on it. what is this a for? adorable? maybe no. awkward? could be. alvin? it worked for the chipmunk. the strange bit is the interior tag reads: self esteem. maybe the a is for awesome! i'm in the dark. will have to learn to activate cotton fiber superpowers.

well then.


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