Thursday, March 31, 2005

flight patterns...

less spectacular migration today. the sun is low now and they're still going. fewer though. can't expect every day to be as beautiful and surreal as yesterday. only so many butterflies in the world. maybe i was hoping for a miss-nelson-is-missing moment. no such luck.

chocolate roan head tossing in a high field. black-maned. mincing on glossy bent grass. native. and the taller trans-atlantics have another tack. they but rattle under a shearing wind. tip and right. tip and right.

lupines all over. legumous odor rising up. vaguely grape. ink and hard candy.

this one day had so many in it. not even through too.

s.b. leaves tonight for new mexico again. afeared of flight. our last experience with planes was turbulent. he vowed never again. he didn't set foot into the lepidopterous cloud yesterday.


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