Monday, March 21, 2005

make and model...

the transmission may be repaired soon. what joy. public transportation here leaves something to be desired. it can take several hours to go a very short distance and another several for the return. wasted time in transit. so i'm pleased about the auto forecast.

today s.b. noted that "leganza" is a silly name for a car. the daewoo leganza. ensuing conversation about car names. he suggested the mazda naked mole rat. it's as euphonious as many others. i say why not.

the name that causes me the must puzzlement: probe. it's an unfortunate name. and unpleasant on so many levels.

listening to malkmus' pink india. an impotent tea bag spaz...

in other news...

today a note from my dearest female friend. pennsylvania. children. what happens if i blink. i blinked. i blunk. but there is this telepathy. and from across a continent we suddenly relay. now all i can think is what to send? dachshunds and letters. music. a flipbook. tiny stitched signatures.

a note. an equinox. a sun that sustains in place of rising.



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