Tuesday, March 08, 2005


you're lucky that i didn't steal your pen. i might still do it. it seems to write so smoo-- (garbled), shit that was operator error. this is a letter from your pen saying he has left you for a righty (not a faker lefty). he says he's treated fine and will always miss you. off to the pocket of the strange man.... aha! he has escaped and is hidden in second to the top left drawer.

i found this threatening letter next to the monitor today when i came home. the brother is notorious for stealing pens if i leave them about. but not this one! it's the fountain pen of lesser quality and i'm very fond of it. yes. the letter was amusing. i don't think i've ever had a letter from a pen before. pen authored, i mean.

sister and i both had a free hour this afternoon. we took a walk together. at one of our favorite thrift stores i found a little olivetti lettera for $3.50. yes! it's robin's egg blue and it works wonderfully. and it was still in its original case. and i can't stop zipping and unzipping it and staring at it and touching it. and and and. there is one thing: no exclamation point. which means i can ask questions but can't be enthusiastic over the answers. hmm.

also, there was a 1960's schwinn (blue) of appropriate proportions. $7.50. i'm going with my bicycle wrench tomorrow to claim my prize. i have to remove some bits to fit it in the car.

i am pleased that approx. $10 netted me some nifty finds. hooray!

my hair has been cut. again. it grows at yeti speeds.

i bumped into my father in the post office. i showed him my olivetti. he said, "yes, i have an underwood at home. it's very much larger than that. it's quite heavy." later i mentioned to sister. she said, "yes, if you said you'd found an atomic reactor on bargain he'd say he had one lying around that he'd built." there's no surprising the man. largely because he's been here much longer than the sister and me. much longer. and when he says something happened the other day what he means is it happened 15 years prior. somehow that never ceases to make me grin.

i learned a new word: cheerwine. i like this new word. it describes cherry soda of the south. or it is cherry soda of the south. in any case, i like the sound.

well. good night.


Blogger Matthew said...

I have always wanted an Olivetti (well, not always). I have a few portable typewriters of varying manufacture, but no Olivetti. As far as I can tell, they are the only company that still makes portables (at least up until a few years ago, last time I checked). Good find.

Damn it. Now you've got me looking at typewriters on eBay. That's the last thing I need right now.

12:44 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

this is actually the second olivetti in good condition i've run across. the first was tan and a little bigger than i needed. it was missing the case, too. if i'd known you were looking for one i would have nabbed it for you. i'll keep my eyes open.

as for ebay, resist resist resist. hmm. i'm one to talk.

i'm going to go search for bicycle bells. dagnabbit! ebay is the devil!

2:03 PM  

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