Monday, March 07, 2005


just now the squirrel in the alley taunted me. he came to squat on the walnut bole. walnut in mouth. tail curved perfectly up behind his ears. we stared at each other. he was only about 6 feet from the ground. now if i'd had my camera that never would have happened.

this morning was the sort where nothing progresses as it should. the alarm fails. there's general panic. nothing goes smoothly. rocky (not the meat-fisted variety). i wish the day would have begun differently. then it would have played out with different rocks. fine-grained volcanic. coarse-grained plutonic. etc. etc. and i would have met a nice southern lady that knows all about maths. instead i was chased around the house by a crazed dog and an equally crazed brother avec inflatable ball. he made me breakfast. he tried to make me eat eggs. nothing doing. i'm not an egg fan. tomorrow will be better. i'm building the john muir alarm-bed. it will spill me from my cot when dawn approacheth.

i've heard rumours of a box camera somewhere in the forebears' boxes. i will find it. oh yes.

i wore flip-flops today! hooray!


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