Sunday, March 06, 2005

love tree...

the philodendron was repotted today. as were the avocado trees. the potting mix which i keep outdoors has been tenanted by a small irritable ant kingdom. i put my hand in the bag. i was thereafter not held in high esteem. i think the ensuing regicide didn't bolster my appeal. but the plants seem happier.

i baked a dark chocolate bundt. suddenly everyone loved me (everyone but for the ants-- they did not eat cake--they were mourning).

the father paid a visit. we read the s.f. chron together. he educated me on the pitfalls of iron reenforced concrete construction. the cat drooled on my sweater sleeve. the sun was out. i wanted to fall asleep in my lap but the cat was already there. and i think i'm too big for that anyway. we read the funnies and laughed. my father and sister and i read. not the cat.

there's a nectarine tree in blossom by the railroad tracks. the nectarines from that tree are really quite terrible. i mean they taste terrible. they do not behave in a terrible fashion. as far as i know they are ordinary fruit.

i am incredibly sleepy. and why wouldn't i be. it's past midnight.



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