Tuesday, February 22, 2005


in one of cheburashka's adventures he, gena, and shapocliak ride the roof of a caboose. gena plays his accordion and sings. he mugs for the camera as they ride into the sunset.

slowly are minutes floating away
don't expect to meet them anymore
even if giving up the past is a bit sad
everything the best is still ahead
like a carpet, like a carpet
a long road unrolls ahead
and it pushes up against the sky
everyone, everyone believes in the best
rolling and rolling ahead, a blue wagon
accidentally we might have hurt someone
the calendar will not keep that day
to all new adventures we are rushing, friends
hey, train driver, add some speed for us

i only used the punctuation that they used in the subtitles. which isn't much. if i read this someplace i'd probably cringe, but when sung by a crocodile it makes me very happy.

i love rain but i wouldn't mind a break in the weather. having to spend the day rushing from one dry place to the next quickly loses any likeness to game.


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