Saturday, February 26, 2005


last night the walk was more peopled. s.b. came along. directly above town clear sky. margins fog. a nice ring. and the moon was high and very very bright. my favorite lamppost is engulfed in white plum. ditches banked with frog froth.

it was about this time last year that i really began reading weblogs. i put on a certain song and drank a certain cup of tea. and then, i put on a certain song and drank a certain cup of tea and remembered. who was that guy? who was that french guy with his tomes and his lime tea? him. i only have swann's way. probably appropriate somehow. swans are just big birds. lindens cloudy trees. straw tassles and recurrent rustle. the anonymous tune. birds birds birds birds.

so. cornering fast makes for tilt. makes for spill. or topple. so it keeps raining. and there's a redbud unsealing the slippers jaws hinges. under a downpour. one day of sun says so. points to. submersion again. an area of flux before settling. i almost said. but no. we almost said. again no. it's a temper. a few ice grains on molten strings. a weaver. that's the current state of the weather.

wellidy. sleep. oh yes.


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