Sunday, February 27, 2005

brownie two...

it's started to rain again. how's that for forecasting. rhetorical.

i've cleaned the brownie. think brownie little person that milks cows. otherwise. well, otherwise it doesn't sound as it should. but really think brownie camera because it's brownie camera that i cleaned. there's a slight crack in a piece of molding. i don't think it penetrates. we'll see if the light leaks.

made saag paneer for supper. i luuurve. yes. and it's fast. and there's rice. or maybe (avert eyes) tortillas.

the saucer magnolia and the redbud dropped all of the flowering parts. so i had just twigs in my jar. but since they've gone green. so i'll have to hang on anyway. rooting compound and some soil. what do i need with more trees. again rhetorical.

the fur people are looking daggers at me. i've tipped that great rose in the sky and everything is very wet. they know it's me and there's no convincing them. just like on sunny days they love what i've done. i don't think they think in terms of gods. but in terms of moms. and i'm a mean mom tonight.

i took a sip in the morning a few of those back. and it hurt like a thing that hurts. and rather than refrain from the hot thing another sip. another. another. this is not the proper course. but a sip is nice. a sip doesn't finish.

however i do. rain is a drowsy sound. and alarm a lousy one.



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