Sunday, March 06, 2005

combining forms...

my pregnant onion has given birth to multitudes. if i had seen the offspring alongside the parent there would be no mistaking their relation. but that's not what happened. the pot had been tipped. i righted the pot. i walked away. walked back. then i noticed hundreds of little pea-sized entities all over the leaf mold. they scared me. i thought they were some strange insects. i knelt down. picked one up. i saw the root nodes. little green tips. i recognized that they were bulblets. now i just don't know what to do with all of them.

i wanted to find the etymology of the botanical name. ornithogalum. bird something. bird something. gaulic bird? i don't know. still don't know because my dictionary of roots and combining forms doesn't know either so can't tell. the latin dictionary on-line i visited didn't seem to know either. but lots o' places were helpful in explaining the etymology of one of the common names: star of bethlehem. takes its name from the star the magi followed to the christ child. real helpful, fellas.

i purchased some red stripe and we had sandwiches for lunch. we went for a walk. i only had one stripe but i realized as the walk progressed that one stripe made me rather tipsy. marelizabethodea tipsyescens. you don't want to run afoul of her. she can't stop laughing.

it was a gorgeous day today. sunny and warm. blue sky. blossom trees. some music in the background. some music now with my tea.

springspringspringspring. tomorrow i'll be stuck indoors. how will i ever manage.


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