Saturday, March 19, 2005

this smarch weather...

it's raining. which means the weekend is confined mostly to indoor activity. i felt ambitious and pulled books from shelves. many books. many shelves. i thought i could reorganize for efficiency. but now that the books are in teetering stacks i'm not so positive.

made soup of the vegetable and barley variety. looks like dungeon porridge. tastes pretty good.

hyacinths are beginning to bloom. pink. white.

a pair of pigeons has returned. i think they are trying to set up housekeeping here. hmm. hopefully this will not be a repeat of last year. my car can do without the fondant layers of pigeon effluent. i do like pigeons a lot though.

cut my finger on the schwinn. plastic part. humiliating part. why so clumsy? dunno. i've bandaged with white glue. probably unsanitary but keeps the cut from snagging.

tomorrow when i'm feeling less overwhelmed by books i'll mention mark twain and his views on a certain language. because it's funny. and i'm frustrated.


Blogger Matthew said...

Thanks for the card. I got it today. It is already up on my blog. Come take a look.

8:55 PM  

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