Wednesday, March 16, 2005


one hour in sunshine with a friend is really too short. you get to exchange hellos and settle and then it's time to go again. and the telephone is not enough. i really am not a fan of the telephone where any bit of meaningful conversation is concerned. it doesn't cut it. if you can't look at the other face something is lost. significant. so one hour is better than three on the phone i suppose. but one hour is still too stingy. next time more. or else!

new pilot pens! hooray! and they're refillable. mmmm.

the banana cache has been replenished. green bananas. tomorrow they'll be yellow bananas. that fast. they don't waste time.

i've decided the scissor-lift is a thing of beauty. maybe only because they are uncommon here. if i saw them more they would be less impressive. what is the average weight of a construction worker? the scissor-lift doesn't give a shit. it just shrugs its shoulders and men hop to the roof. the men look like the scissor-lift. somewhere else they have scaffolds instead. bamboo. they have hoists, too. simple machines. the bamboo is saddled to a highrise. the men can climb. the men look more like scaffolds and hoists.

if we are looking at ruble* notes i am thinking 1910 but over your shoulder i'm thinking scissor-lift. i'm thinking ringed-finger. i'm thinking new glasses. i'm thinking thing in my hair. (i was under a tree. that's how it got to be there) spastic yellow bird. bumblebee. firearms. snort laugh. drags feet. talks from habit. in pairs. walks on heels. roof tiles. dark window. dark window. and opposite dark window. i'm thinking it's very noisy even though the sounds aren't loud. that is why an hour is just too small. i spend 50 of those minutes percolating because i can't do otherwise. after the initial i'm filtered and a ruble note is a ruble note and everything else is in that ruble note. in a word: focus.

*that's a stab. what denomination?

what would i do in the city? i would never stop percolating. that's what. and it mayn't be bad.


Blogger Matthew said...

Thanks. Hopefully people will send us some stuff and we can make it a good show.

1:40 AM  
Blogger dcardamone58 said...

Da, eta bweel Ruble. See, you're smarter than you think. I wish we had more time, too.

7:45 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

yer russian is so purty, d. i'm envious and proud at the same time.

yes. i'm a genius.

i wish we had more time, too. i miss ye, cardamone. truly do. hope all is well.

1:22 PM  

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