Sunday, March 13, 2005

everywhere a sign...

i have a collection of photos of signs. road signs. signs people scrawled and left on public bulletin boards. signs taped to restaurant windows. out of order signs. things of that nature. yesterday the sister pointed out a good one. i must remember to take my camera back to the spot because i don't have a photo of it yet. it's a sign advertising puppies. somebody typed it up in word and printed it out and posted it. the sign heading reads: pure bread rottweiler puppies.


it goes on to talk about the many desirable qualities of the rottweiler breed. people like rottweilers for protection. they scare intruders away. i have to admit that if i saw a pure bread dog of any breed i would turn heel and flee. oh yes.

people make spelling mistakes. all people. but what kills me about this particular example is that the pure bread sign was right next to another sign for pure bred yellow lab puppies. and i wonder if pure bread posted his/her sign after yellow lab and did not notice the difference. or maybe thought, "what a dope! they spelled it 'pure bred.' hah!" maybe i'm putting too much thought into it. i'd wager yes.

in other news...

one of the artichoke plants yielded a tiny artichoke. it was smaller than the palm of my hand. i steamed it. peeled the first layer of leaves. ate the rest whole. not it one bite, mind you. but whole. it was so, so very good. i wish i had another right now. artichokes are the most wonderful vegetable. and you get to eat them with your hands, people! and they're messy! but nobody stares. unless you try to eat them with cutlery. artichokes go in the cool book. yes.

today was quite cold. i stayed indoors mostly. listened to some music and typed. show me show me show me how you do that trick/ the one that makes me scream she said/ the one that makes me laugh she said/ and threw her arms around my neck....

i also worked on the schwinn for a spell. wire brushed the chain. rust you know. and rubbed oil into the saddle. found my generator light and all of the little brackets etc. will afix. will have light! hooray!

hmm. one of my favorite road signs was in new mexico. sangre de christo mountains. middle of nowhere there's a pedestrian crossing sign (several actually). someone embellished with black marker. made it a wolfman crossing. as i was taking a photo of it a man on a tractor nearly collided with me. presumably because i am not a wolfman.

there's a gollynipper (snollygoster if you like) flying around in here. it's a bit early for them. i wonder where he came from.

nighty night.


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