Tuesday, March 22, 2005

egg on my face...

i was looking through the i like archives and ran across mention of the movie the wickerman. and then i saw that the sister had borrowed my copy. we started discussing this and that. i had always thought that ingrid pitt played willow. but no. it was britt ekland. and actually some naked bits were not even her naked bits. wellidy. you learn something new every day. thank you, imdb.

tonight on our walk it appeared as though a(n) (unidentified) star was racing across the sky at rapid speeds. but it couldn't have been. then it seemed to rush in softened chevrons. but no. and we finally figured it was an optical illusion. the giant remainders of stormcloud were racing. the star not so much. but it was a beautiful illusion.

i picked lilacs. my lilacs? mine now. (ha!) and i have enough green wick spur to make my own shrub. and i will, too. they're an old fashioned variety. very briary stand and dense. dark flowers. cold. fragrant.

good night.


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