Tuesday, March 29, 2005

wagons ho!

sister: hey, the such-and-such gorilla foundation is looking for people. people with stationwagons.
me: oh yeah?
sister: yeah. you get to haul stuff.
me:do i get to haul gorillas in my stationwagon?
me:then forget about it.

my sister loooooves gorillas. i have a stationwagon. she keeps trying to find creative ways to wheedle it away for zoological purposes. i will never allow a marmoset in there (smelly!) but i wouldn't object to a gorilla. that at least would be interesting. of course, i've never smelled a gorilla. maybe i should check into that before i jump on board. hmm. nobody's going to let me drive their gorilla anywhere anyway. dagnabbit.

now listening to: dolly parton-- jolene.

for some reason lola took it into her head that she's a lap dog. 60 pounds of lap dog. she bounded into my lap last night and snuffled into my blankets. kissed my face. she doesn't normally behave like that. i don't know what has gotten into her. but it was really cute. also a little painful.

my ma told me she's going to ride a paddleboat down the mississip'. what?! and she means it, too. i better get making her some tattered short pants.

now playing: johnny cash-- i've been everywhere.


cross the deserts bare, man! i've been everywhere!


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